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WRATH Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 99.9% - High Grade Solvent



VAT Included

Isopropyl alcohol goes by many names including the abbreviations Isopropanol or IPA. In the UK, it may be referred to as "Surgical Spirit" and "Rubbing Alcohol" in the USA. However, surgical spirit and rubbing alcohol can vary; by purchasing pure Isopropyl Alcohol, you have the luxury of knowing exactly what it is.

An incredibly effective and diverse product that is typically used by make-up artists as a degreaser and disinfectant for tools, surfaces and other working areas. Isopropyl alcohol is also incredibly popular amongst special FX artists for application of alcohol activated make-up, removal and used to prepare the skin prior to application of adhesives. Also ideal for cleaning and degreasing silicone items without damaging the material.

WRATH Isopropyl Alcohol has an incredibly high purity (one of the highest grades available at 99.9%) Isopropyl Alcohol to ensure superior performance.


Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Suitable for vegans. High grade.

How to use Isopropyl Alcohol

Use the minimum amount of solvent required for your application. Minimise contact with skin (will cause dryness) and moisturise skin after contact. Secure the lid in-between applications and after use to prevent evaporation or spillage.