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WRATH Alginate 3 - Life Casting Powder



VAT Included

WRATH Alginate 3 is a chromatic standard set special fx impression material used to create detailed negative moulds of hands, feet, heads and bodies. Superior quality with no harmful ingredients of which are all naturally derived. Starts out as beige/green and dries grey/white. 

A 450g pack is enough to create a single hand or foot cast. Head casts typically take 1800g (4 packs) and body casts will take a considerable amount more.

Pot time: 2 minutes

Cure time: 1 - 2 minutes

Colour when set: grey/white

450g / 15.9 oz.

Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Fragrance free.

How to use Alginate 3

1. Measure Alginate and water into separate containers; 1 part alginate to 3 parts room-temperature water (i.e. 450g Alginate to 1350g water). Remember to use a dust mask whenever working with raw powders.

2. Depending on how you wish to cast, source a mixing bowl (if you wish to spread alginate onto the required area) or a container (if you wish to plunge a hand or foot). Carefully add the Alginate into the container to prevent excess dust and add the water onto the Alginate. Immediately start a 2 minute timer.

3. Fold the water into the powder for 20 seconds. Then use an electric whisk to blend the mixture until completely smooth and lump free.

4. After exactly 2 minutes from adding the water, apply the mixture to the desired location generously with a palette knife or plunge the hand or foot into the container.

5. Keep the model completely still for 2-3 minutes until fully set (setting to an off-white colour). If using Alginate near dense hair (such as eyebrows), it is recommended to use a generous application of water-based moisturiser to the hair immediately prior to application to ensure easy removal.

6. If the plunge method has been used, the hand or foot can now be gently wriggled free. Otherwise, plaster bandages must be applied on top of the alginate to ensure it keeps its exact shape when the model is removed.

7. Rinse the models skin with soap and cold water to remove any residual product from the skin. Moisturise skin if desired.

8. You now have a completed a negative alginate mould that can be used for casting a positive mould using plaster, wax or silicone.


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