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WRATH Professional SFX Gelatine Nuggets



VAT Included

WRATH Gelatine Nuggets are ideal for many special fx applications. Gelatine is widely used in the special fx industry for creating prosthetics, direct application skin fx and many other uses.

Made from high quality ingredients with a custom formula and have a neutral colouration, making it suitable for all skin tones and can be adjusted as needed. May be reused multiple times, by cleaning and reheating. It has high tensile strength with great flexibility and unique translucency.

New packaging as of April 2022: We are switching to resealable plastic shell packaging made from recyclable PET. We are making the move to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic used in comparison to the previous pot and PET is more widely recyclable.

Not suitable for vegans (contains gelatine).

Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Superior quality & suitable for sensitive skin

How to use Gelatine Nuggets

Heat the nuggets by using the instructions below. Once heated, apply any pigmentation required and either apply directly to skin (allow to cool prior to application on skin) or pouring into prosthetic mould. Edges may be blended out into skin using WRATH Witch Hazel. Powder after application to remove natural tackiness of gelatine. Heat Gelatine Nuggets in the microwave by gently heating them in a microwavable container 5 to 15 seconds at a time, stirring in-between, until reaching a smooth, thick liquid consistency. Do not overheat; overheating may damage Gelatine Nuggets, rendering them unusable. If bubbling occurs, immediately stop heating.