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WRATH Stainless Steel Double Ended Spatula



VAT Included

WRATH Double Ended Spatula is manufactured from high grade heavy weight stainless steel, accurately milled to achieve smooth, non-sharp edges and a perfect, high gloss finish to the ends of the spatula. Two machined grips are engineered into the top and bottom of the handle for increased control.

Made from thicker steel that most of its competitors ensures additional strength so not to lose its shape while using for stiff materials such as wax, but maintaining slight flexibility. Incredibly durable, thick and resistant to all cosmetics, special fx make-up, adhesive and most high strength cleaners (patch test cleaner before usage).

Featuring two unique ends; this spatula has one completely flat plate with the contrasting end featuring a tapered, curved tool. The spatula is 167mm long and 6mm at is wide; giving you a comfortable handling length without being too large.

Country of Manufacture



Professional grade.

How to use Double Ended Spatula

Clean after every use. Resistant to most cleaners. Patch test before use.


Stainless Steel.