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WRATH Pure Acetone 99.8% - Solvent & Degreaser



VAT Included

WRATH Acetone is pure, undiluted solvent with no additives or colour. Acetone has a wide range of uses, a common use is as the main component of most nail polish removers; but for professional special fx artists, it is typically used to blend plastic appliances such as PVC bald caps or used to blend silicone prosthetics into the skin.

It is also a heavy degreaser and remover which eliminates most residues left by products. Also ideal for use on stainless steel equipment to remove adhesives and product residue.



Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Fragrance free & suitable for vegans.

How to use Acetone

Use the minimum amount of solvent required for your application. Minimise contact with skin as it is very drying. Avoid use near eyes. Do not use on plastic equipment, make-up brushes and plastic, painted or delicate surfaces.

Be careful which surface the bottle is placed on; it is recommended that it is placed on a stainless steel palette to prevent damage to painted, plastic or other delicate surfaces.