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WRATH Large Magnetic Make-up Palette - Glitter Onyx



VAT Included

Introducing the WRATH Magnetic Make-up Palette; an incredibly useful empty magnetic based palette that is infinitely adjustable and compatible with most eyeshadow pans.

Made from high quality materials; featuring a wood and high density cardboard construction - making it incredibly durable and pleasantly light. With a durable transparent window made from a pane of shatterproof plastic finished with a metallic silver WRATH® logo. All of the palette is finished in a smooth extra durable layer of ultra-fine black glitter which has just the right balance between flashy and professional.

Ideal for professional use; store all of your essential panned make-up products in one compact palette, making it perfect for on-set use as well as one-on-one applications. Easy size to hold while being incredibly generous palette space.

Empty pans not included.

  • Total Palette Size: W 20.6cm x H 12.5cm x D 1.5cm
  • Interior Usable Size: W 18.8cm x H 10.3cm x D 0.6cm
  • Fits 39 x 23mm x 19mm make-up pans.

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Suitable for professional use.

How to use Magnetic Make-up Palette

Use as desired.


Wood, card & PET film.