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We formulate all of our products with this statement in mind. WRATH Cosmetics was created with a refined set of goals; to offer professional products to make-up artists & enthusiasts with the top level of quality they should expect. Vegan were possible and always cruelty free.

We use top quality ingredients in all of our product and we cut no corners. The vast majority of our formulations are hand made, here in the UK with our products going through countless iterations until they are perfected and made available to our artists & customers.

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Stage Blood - Classic film & TV formula

A classic formula that has been specifically developed for television, film and stage.

It has been engineered to exactly resemble real fresh blood. Featuring an incredibly smooth consistency with a realistic high gloss finish, this medium flowing blood does not bead on skin and is also suitable for use on props and costumes. Made from high quality ingredients that are completely safe for use on the skin, face and mouth (not designed for consumption). It is easily washable from skin and does not stain or tint skin after removal.

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Frequently asked questions

Product questions

All of our products are cruelty free. 99%of the products we have in our large range are suitable for vegans. We strive to make every single product free from animal-derived ingredients without compromising on quality. Unfortunately, we currently have two products in our range that are unstuitable for vegans; Gelatine Nuggets and Melt & Pour 3D Gel. These two products contain gelatine (which is created as a byproduct in the food industry) and have we been unable to find a compatible substitute as of yet.

We clearly state on all of our product packaging and web pages if this product is vegan friendly.

Yes. Our original goal was to create products that were specifically formulated and created for make-up artists and other industry professionals, using top quality ingredients without compromise.

A few of our products on offer are recommended for professionals only. This will be stated in the description.

95% of our products are made in-house at our lab in the United Kingdom.

We are very proud to say that the vast majority of our products are handmade to high tolerances at our labs set in the heart of Yorkshire.

The very few products we do not make are sourced from extensively researched reputable manufacturers, made to our own specifications.

We always clearly state which country our product has been manufactured on the product packaging or the information page on the website.

General questions

We have a wide array of users; from studios, places of education, and business, to individual make-up artists, special effects technicians and MUA students.

Of course, you do not have to be a professional to buy or use our products. We offer detailed directions on every product. Just be sure to keep an eye out for "Recommended for professional use only".

Absolutely not. We design the vast majority of our products to be easy to use and a superior alternative to generic consumer centric brands.

However, we do offer a few products that may be unsuitable for non-industry professionals and we note this on the product packaging and clearly on the product info page.

Yes we do! We welcome any potential resellers to get in contact with us for the potential to become a brand partner.

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