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WRATH CAB-O-SIL® Universal Thickener (Fumed Silica)



VAT Included

CAB-O-SIL® is an incredibly fine powder that can be used as a universal thickening agent, which can be used to thicken silicones, paints, liquid latex, adhesives and more. Ideal for use with Pros-Aide® to create transfer material.

Volume: 100ml (Net weight: 5g / 0.176oz.)

CAB-O-SIL® is manufactured by Cabot Corporation. CAB-O-SIL® is a registered trademark of Cabot Corp.

Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Suitable for vegans.

How to use Cab-O-Sil®

IMPORTANT: while CAB-O-SIL® is not harmful to health, it may produce an ultra fine dust when adding to other components and you must use suitable personal protection equipment to prevent unintentional inhalation (may cause respiratory irritation if inhaled).


Fumed Silica