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WRATH Professional Liquid Latex - Clear



VAT Included

WRATH Clear Liquid Latex is a professional grade latex that is used throughout the special fx industry.

It has a very low Ammonia with high latex content and is pre-vulcanised; providing superior performance, perfect finish while being incredible value for money. Liquid Latex is used in the special fx industry in a multitude of ways; it is used to make prosthetic appliances, such as fake noses, lacerations, bald caps and facial features. It is also applied to skin to create burn effects, aging simulations or for developing unique textures. Can also be used to seal FX waxes.

Not suitable for those with a latex allergy.

Processed in the UK. Rubber latex sourced from Malaysia.

Country of Manufacture



Fragrance free & suitable for vegans.

How to use Liquid Latex

For age effects; simply stretch the skin with your index finger & thumb while stippling on a thin layer of Liquid Latex with a small sponge. Allow to dry (may use a hair dryer to speed up curing). Once the latex has gone clear, gently apply a colourless setting powder to remove tackiness. For burn effects, simply apply latex with a sponge in a stippling motion. Apply multiple coats if needed and allow to dry. You then may tear holes in the latex layer, powder and colour with a quality greasepaint. To remove; simply peel of skin. Rinse skin with water and moisturise if desired. Take care to avoid hair when applying to skin, as it may be difficult to remove.