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WRATH FX Glycerine - Tears, Sweat & Gloss Effects



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Glycerine (Glycerin) is a harmless, completely colourless liquid that is considerably more viscus than water.

Soluble in water or alcohol; this liquid has a fantastic array of uses. Typically used by Special FX artists to simulate tears, imitate perspiration, add long lasting gloss to burn simulations, oozing effects, use to thin thick fake blood and ideal to mix with powdered blood.

High quality professional grade product. Suitable for professional use.


Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Suitable for vegans, paraben-free, fragrance free & contains only natural ingredients.

How to use FX Glycerine

For perspiration effects; mix the glycerine with equal parts water in a spray bottle. Spray onto the face and body from a distance, making sure eyes are closed. For artificial tears; simply drop under the eyes with a dropper or fine brush. To imitate gloss on burns and oozing, simply liberally apply to the skin with a brush. For mixing with powdered blood, substitute the recommended amount of water for glycerine or add with water to adjust the viscosity.


Vegetable Glycerine.