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WRATH Silicone Adhesive Remover & Thinner



VAT Included

A fast acting, high performance Silicone Adhesive Remover specially designed to quickly break down the bond between appliance and skin. Also removes residues from skin. Specially designed to work with WRATH Silicone Adhesive (a strong professional silicone adhesive) but is typically compatible with most professional grade silicone adhesives.

30ml (1.0 fl.oz.)

Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Suitable for vegans.

How to use Silicone Adhesive Remover

Using a cotton swab soaked in WRATH Silicone Adhesive Remover; work away at the edges of the appliances, peeling back and working in. Remove residue with remover on a paper towel.


Naphtha (Petroleum) Hydrotreated Light