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WRATH® Silicone Sculpt Trio - SFX Sculpting Gel



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WRATH® Silicone Sculpt Trio is ideal for the creation of burns, wounds, moles and other skin artefacts. It is a two-part (A+B) silicone based gel when mixed together create a flexible & translucent rubber finish. By adding component C, it will soften the cured product, offering more flexibility to desired areas.

This kit includes all three components (A, B & C) contained in a resealable bag with a detailed instruction booklet.

Available in 150g (50g x 3) or 300g (100g x 3) kits.

Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Suitable for vegans & professional quality.

How to use Silicone Sculpt

For detailed instructions on how to use WRATH Silicone Sculpt, view the accompanying documentation included with the kit. To use: simply mix equal parts A & B on a stainless steel palette. Add a small amount of part C should you require a softer cured finish. Apply to skin within 5 minutes. Allow time to cure, you may speed up cure time with hair dryer on low. apply colour. REMOVAL: simply peel from skin.