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WRATH Spirit Gum Thinner - Mastix Solvent



VAT Included

WRATH Spirit Gum Thinner is a colourless and fragrance free solvent that is ideal for reducing the consistency of spirit gum adhesives.

Ideal for when applying spirit gum to a large area or for lighter adhesion. Also great for reviving dried out spirit gum when the lid has not be tightly closed or when it has been left on a prosthetic to dry for too long. Suitable for use with almost all gum based spirit gum. Can also be used to remove spirit gum from lace hair pieces.


Country of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Suitable for vegans.

How to use Spirit Gum Thinner

Simply dilute the spirit gum a small amount at a time by decanting the thinner into the adhesive and thoroughly mixing. Ratio of thinner to spirit gum can greatly vary depending on brand and usage, but we recommend starting in small increments of 1:20 (or 5%) dilution at a time.