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WRATH Stainless Steel Contoured Blending Palette



VAT Included

WRATH Contoured Blending Palette is manufactured from high grade stainless steel, accurately milled to achieve smooth, non-sharp edges and a perfect, high gloss finish to the whole of the palette. Finished with a laser etched WRATH® branding.

Contour shaped palette for easier, more controlled and comfortable holding while you concentrate on other, more important tasks (as opposed to the conventional square/rectangular palettes). Incredibly durable, thick and resistant to all cosmetics, special fx make-up, adhesive and most high strength cleaners.

The palette is 90mm at its widest and 125mm at is longest; giving you a comfortable size to grasp with optimal surface area.

Country of Manufacture



Professional grade.

How to use Contour Palette

Wash after every use. Resistant to most cleaners. Patch test with very strong cleaners.


Stainless Steel