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WRATH Stainless Steel Semicircle Indented Palette



VAT Included

WRATH Semicircle Indented Palette is manufactured from high grade stainless steel, accurately milled to achieve smooth, non-sharp edges and a perfect, high gloss finish to the whole of the palette. Finished with a laser etched WRATH® branding.

Featuring five indentations to place product in, preventing cross contamination if required. It also has a thumb hole to ensure a firm grip on the palette that is lined with black rubberised plastic for comfort. Incredibly durable, thick and resistant to all cosmetics, special fx make-up, adhesive and most high strength cleaners (patch test cleaner before usage).

The palette is 99mm at its widest and 155mm at is longest; giving you a comfortable size to grasp with optimal surface area. Thumb hole is a comfortable 20mm in diameter.

Country of Manufacture



Professional grade.

How to use Semicircle Palette

Clean after every use. Resistant to most cleaners. Patch test before use.


Stainless Steel